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Saffron pap is a premium breakfast option for children and adults.
Made from naturally grown raw materials, all our products are organic and contain no preservatives or artificial colouring. How to Make Pap a.k.a Ogi a.k.a Akamu

The great taste and unique texture that makes our pap easy to digest is a testament to the high-quality ingredients and our special milling process.

Each pack is fortified with Vitamin A and contains carbohydrates and proteins essential for a good diet. Our pap is easy to make and extremely healthy for the entire family.

With Saffron Pap, you have more ways to enjoy your breakfast. Pair with Moi Moi or Akara for a wholesome delicious meal.

Choose from a variety of flavours: as white corn, yellow corn, Guinea corn and Guinea corn with ginger.
A tasty easy-to-make meal that can be consumed at any of the days.

Made from carefully cultivated and harvested white corn, this brand of pap is full of nutrients making it a healthy food option.



White pap is a good source of carbohydrates and vitamins and it gives an instant boost of energy.

Zinc (mg)7.19

Based on SON Analysis
NAFDAC NO: 08- 5148L




A clear favourite of the family; yellow pap is loved by young and old alike.

For a full breakfast, combine with moi-moi or akara, to get a wholesome meal. Yellow pap is nourishing and provides high nutritional value.

The bright yellow colour makes it attractive and appealing especially to children.

NAFDAC NO: 08- 5149L



A hot and delicious bowl of brown pap provides many nutrients such as calcium, iron, potassium zinc, magnesium and a healthy source of essential fats.

Made from guinea corn, this pap is a clear favourite of mothers who want to wean their babies.

Eat with moi-moi or akara for a wholesome breakfast.

Based on SON Analysis
NAFDAC NO: 08- 5147L

How to Make Pap a.k.a Ogi a.k.a Akamu



The smooth taste of guinea corn combined with a hint of ginger gives the perfect zest to your pap.

Ginger is loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds that have powerful benefits for your body and brain. Ginger is a medicinal root used to help fight infections, lower blood sugars and cholesterol.

A clear favourite of the aged, this brand of pap will leave you asking for more.

Based on SON Analysis
NAFDAC NO: 08- 5146L